Update: January 04, 2022.

How to watch Deathmetal.tv on Smartphone.

Get a Galaxy 4K Smartphone and Digital Music Subscription like Spotify, then use the Galaxy Phone and visit www.deathmetal.tv .

Then, on the main page you can view music news post updates, then select the menu button at the top of the screen on the galaxy browser, then choose “Heavy Metal 2022 Playlist”..this opens a browser screen with a Youtube Playlist on it, click play and then switch to full screen youtube mode and hold the phone sideways to watch videos.

Then open Spotify in a different window and then use the screen select at the bottom of the Galaxy Phone menu to switch back and forth between windows to listen to the Spotify album on one screen and then the Deathmetal.tv playlist on the other screen.

Then you can watch new videos and then switch back and forth between the video and the official Spotify playlist.

Then that’s your Digital player, then quit…that’s all you need to listen to music.

Slap that on the desk while you use your laptop for blogging on a separate device, then if you get up you  take your player and all your songs with you.

Then run a 256 Gig Micro SD to put all your mp3’s on the phones hard drive to take your songs with you.

Then on the deathmetal.tv playlist page you press “menu” on the full screen youtube menu and it shows all the music videos on the playlist for that year, then you can scroll down on the right of the video playlist to see what songs are next in batches of 200 songs, to see the rest of the playlist scroll to the bottom and click on a video to load the next part of the list.

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This website posts heavy metal and death metal music news, videos and playlists. This site is currently under construction.

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We will be updating our playlists regularly with current and classic metal videos but we are still under construction and adding our own music video playlists to YouTube.

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How to use Deathmetal.tv:

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